Everyone is an Alchemist

Everyone is an alchemist, with the ability to transform a small or large part of the world they live in. And that includes you.

Because your skill comes so naturally to you, you may not recognise it as your unique gift (or gifts). Maybe you sometimes wonder why other people don’t do what you do so instinctively, or why they can’t do it so well. And, although you may not realise, you make what you do look easy to others – until they try it themselves, which is when your alchemist’s skill suddenly looks like magic!

In the years that I’ve been working with people seeking to find or express their gifts, I’ve learned that everyone is able to look at their own special area with an alchemist’s eye. As if by magic, they can discern what is current and what is potential; they intuitively understand what needs to happen next to bring about positive change. And isn’t that the point of all work?

Traditionally, alchemists transformed base metals to pure gold. But alchemy is also ‘a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination’.

I’ve had the privilege of working with people who use their unique form of alchemy to design living spaces, manage financial risk, farm organically, support motherhood, lead communities, transform understanding of dyslexia, keep a complex organisation ticking over, advise on food and nutrition… each using their particular blend of vision and action; of head, heart and hands.


My own alchemy is to discern people’s gifts: to see what is current and what is potential, and to work with them to transform their gifts and passion into a form of livelihood that contributes something positive to the world. And, I help people find ways of doing their work more skilfully: whether that involves developing more harmonious and fruitful working relationships, improving a technical skill or bringing their work into the world with greater confidence.

Some come to workshops or coaching sessions knowing what their gifts are, but unable to make a living from them. In these times of global and societal crises, some passionately want to make a difference in the world, but don’t know how. And sometimes people come not knowing what their gifts are, or believing they don’t even have one. But they always do!

Everyone is an alchemist. But sometimes it takes courage, work and patience for the gold to be able to shine.


Read more in my book, Hearing our Calling


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